What’s Happening Right Now:

November Meeting! Attend with a Friend: Meet in ICW 103 at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Nov. 17 for social time and refreshments. Then head to the show.

2022 Convocation: Town Hall with Filmmaker Liz Smith

Trunk or Treat!


Information on past and current events held by both OTC and the Student Engagement Council.

The Film

The I Am Gen Z film talks about the impact that the ever increasingly digitally interconnected world has had on the current generation.

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If you have questions, concerns, or want to get involved, contact us using the link above.

Here at the Student Engagement Council we seek to improve the lives of all OTC students through planned events designed to get you engaged and lasting policies that will improve not only our experience but those of our successors.

We want to have a life where we can think deeply. We want to have a life where we can read books. We want to have a life where our children can hold conversations.

Johann Hari

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The Student Engagement Council seeks to increase opportunities and experiences for students that will increase their level of engagement with each other, the college, and the community.

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